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UX Research

I think that research is key.I never design by assumptions. I need to get to know who I am designing for and what issues we are trying to resolve. I am therefore actively involved in all UX research stages. 

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Ux Design

Using the research findings. I would usually start by paper prototyping ideas and we would match them against user requirements to ensure we are on the right track. I would then do low-fidelity prototypes to be guerrilla tested by users. Continuously iterating and testing my designs to create the right product for the user. 

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Ui Design

Once the prototypes are signed off, I will research great examples of design and decide which styles will suit the client and users. The goal is to create an overall digital look and feel. This would include designing interactions and animations alongside creating detailed designs and style guides for developers.


My Process

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“Rebecca is a fantastic UX expert whom I’ve enjoyed working with a great deal. She’s a rare find because she can do both UX and UI equally well. She’s a great member of any Product/UX department; a strong collaborator who works as part of the team to ship the smallest change that will have the most impact for users. She speaks up for the user without fail whilst also managing to operate with commercial awareness and an understanding of business constraints. She uses data, past experience and industry standards to drive her work, she plans well and reacts quickly to changes as she monitors and tests her work with users. She’s able to create a very clear vision for the end product but can then break down that final design with developers and the scrum team in order to build in agile, iterative steps. She can carry a massive workload, she can work on apps, websites, anything you throw at her you can be confident she’ll go from inception to delivery to market all on her own initiative. Perhaps most importantly, she’s really fun to work with - bright, witty, well liked and always a favourite among colleagues.”

September 2018, Sarah Timms, Head Of Product at Bookatable

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"Rebecca is very talented as a UX Designer and has a strong sense of business & product strategy. She's great at raising open questions, unknowns and propose a prioritised plan that resolves them, and aligns user experience, product and the business perfectly. She's our go-to person at Bookatable for running workshops and mapping user journeys given her facilitation skills and attention to detail. I'd be so happy to work with Rebecca again in the future."

August 2018, Engin Ozger, Product Owner at Bookatable

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"Rebecca and I worked together at Tangent on multiple website projects. I provided insights and strategic leadership which helped provide direction for those projects. Rebecca rigorously executed all the insights and strategies provided and brought them to life in an interesting and often innovative way with her wireframes, while considering best practice at all times. Rebecca isn't just a highly skilled UX/UI designer, but she is someone who you will say 'let's keep in touch' to, and mean it. I hope to work with Rebecca again in the future on many many more projects." 

February 2017, Hanna Ager, UX Researcher & Strategist at Elvis Communications